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Smart Home
July 16, 2024Trendscape

12. Smart Home

Smart devices that communicate with each other and users have ignited the smart home market, offering owners convenience, control and security....

July 16, 2024Trendscape

02. Facebook

Facebook has played a significant role in shaping the modern social media landscape and has pioneered a targeted advertising business model that effectively monetizes its platform....

Apple iPhone
July 15, 2024Trendscape

11. iPhone

The iPhone has transformed social communication worldwide and revolutionized the mobile phone industry with a continuous stream of innovation....

MeToo movement
July 14, 2024Trendscape

06. #MeToo

#MeToo has triggered an outcry for justice on behalf of sexually harassed women while drawing attention to a host of men accused of sexual misconduct....

July 13, 2024Trendscape

77. Esports

Imagine a world where stadiums are packed not for traditional sports but for digital athletes competing in virtual arenas. It’s not a pipe dream; it’s here now....

July 13, 2024Trendscape

01. Privacy

Privacy is the No. 1 trend due to widespread concern about data breaches, which have reached 26 billion records. Everyone now worries about their personal data....

Time Compression - The Acceleration of life
July 6, 2024Ubertrends, ,

Time Compression

The Time Compression Ubertrend — the acceleration of life — is being propelled by technologies that help people achieve tasks more quickly. This Ubertrend has created a society with an insatiable appetite for instant gratification,...

The casual global uniform
August 10, 2023Ubertrends,

Casual Living

The Casual Living Ubertrend — the evaporation of decorum — has led to a dramatically less formal society, eroding traditional norms of propriety in the process. This shift, triggered by the anonymous culture prevalent on the internet...

February 15, 2023Ubertrends, ,


The Woman’s Acceptance Factor (WAF) Ubertrend propels society towards a female-centric paradigm. This shift is being fueled by an increasing number of educated women, female entrepreneurs, and politicians whose social media influence...

Rodney King Beating
February 15, 2023Ubertrends, ,


The 1991 Rodney King beating marked a turning point for the Voyeurgasm Ubertrend, signaling a future where almost every moment could be digitally recorded. Enabled by billions of smartphones, digital cameras, video and surveillance...

Unwired Ubertrend
February 15, 2023Ubertrends, ,


Imagine the liberty of sitting in a Parisian café or lounging on a Caribbean beach while shopping, seeking information, or connecting with loved ones, all without the restriction of wires. This feeling of uninhibited connectivity is...