Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world as we know it, and generative AI is at the forefront of this transformative (and disruptive) journey.

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Generative AI Cover and Inside Spread

3 Table of Contents

Generative AI

Turing Test

1. In Search of Singularity

Alan Turing laid the foundation for AI in 1936 when he conceptualized “automatic machines” — now called Turing machine — an abstract computational device that formalized the functions of a computer.
Generative AI - Text Generation

2. Text Generation

Explore the emergence of chatbots, including the groundbreaking ChatGPT, and uncover AI market dimensions and forecasts.
Generative AI - Image Generation

3. Image Generation

Dive into the technical aspects of AI architecture, LLMs, image, and text-to-video models, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
Generative AI - Chatbot Table

4. Chatbot Interaction

Assess AI’s potential impact on the job market and gain valuable insights into chatbot interaction and prompt engineering.
Generative AI - Achieving-Singularity

5. Achieving Singularity

Discover the future of AI, including “AI Woodstock,” which underscored the significance of AI chips and the potential implications of singularity.


Microsoft Copilot

Chatbots (General Intelligence)

When OpenAI launched ChatGPT on Nov. 30, 2022, it ignited a firestorm. Today, some 350,000 large language models have joined the race to cater to a runaway market.

Image generation

Generative AI examines four top image-generation models, documenting their human drawing fidelity and text generation capabilities.

Video Generation

Video is the holy grail of AI. OpenAI may not have been the first to get there, but its Sora video-generation model is at the forefront of generative video AI.

Speech Synthesis

Text-speech and voice synthesis are popular applications of generative AI. Voice-cloning startup ElevenLabs is widely considered the category leader.

Writing Assistants

The AI writing assistant market is expected to grow at a rate of 27% from 2023 to 2030, reaching $6.5 billion by 2030. Not surprisingly 253 AIs are in the hunt.

Chatbot Builders

According to Revealera, Upwork job listings related to developing chatbots have exploded by 2,000% since the release of ChatGPT and the OpenAl API.

Coding Assistants

If code generation lives up to its promise, it could usher in a new era in which anyone can develop apps with far-reaching implications for developers.

Personal Assistants

Everyone wants their own AI assistant. After all, once you have tasted the power of a chatbot, what else could be next?
Prompt Whisperer

Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the rapidly evolving science of asking AI systems the right questions to generate the most meaningful answers.

Image/Text Enhancement

This catchall category contains apps that use AI-based algorithms to enhance images or improve text.


Charts & Tables

AI Tool Reviews


“American author Katherine Anne Porter once wrote: ‘If you don’t aim for the stars you’ll never hit the bell tower.’ You aim for the stars, and I hear bells ringing all the time.”

– Arynne Simon, Speechwriter, Personal Coach and Team Builder


“Make no mistake, Michael Tchong is the original visionary, the guru, the beta digital anthropologist.”

– Mark Borkowski,


“Michael’s research writing is data-based, intuitive and persuasive.”

– Scott Cook, Founder, Intuit

Influential Author

Michael Tchong

A relentless explorer of innovation, Michael Tchong analyzes the transformative power of generative AI. An author, adjunct professor, and founder of Ubertrends LLC, he brings insights into how AI reshapes business and empowers individuals.
He’s an expert on breakthroughs that reinvent markets and believes generative AI will be a more disruptive force than the internet was.

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