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At Ubertrends Academy, you will be infused with mind-bending insights into shifts in consumer and business behavior. Sign up for Ubertrends Academy courses at our Rarity community today, which lets you interact with other students who share your interest in trends and innovation.

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Ubertrends Academy offers a data-based immersion into the fast-flowing currents of change caused by technology, evolving consumer expectations and disruptive innovations — the result of an intersection of eight Ubertrend forces that are transforming society in profound ways. In a world that urgently demands more innovation, it’s crucial that you master the tidal wave of value changes engulfing society today.

Digital Lifestyle

The Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend has created a society so addicted to digital technology that it’s spending less on food, healthcare and travel to support its dependency. This “Marriage of Man and Machine” ushers in a new way of living, including innovative ways of communicating, shopping and being entertained.

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A Free Introduction

Attend a free, one-hour webinar to determine if Ubertrends Academy meets your needs. At the end of the webinar, you will receive a link to download the 150+ presented slides in either Keynote or PowerPoint format. All slides are fully scripted for immediate use in your presentations. Introductory webinars entitled “Are You Connected to the Future?” are always presented live with audience chat interaction. So, mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 5, 2023, and sign up today! Space is limited.

Time Compression

The Time Compression Ubertrend is responsible for the acceleration of life, a phenomenon that encourages multitasking and an “I want it yesterday” attitude, and has led to increasingly shorter attention spans.

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Ubertrends Academy Live

In 2024, we will debut an immersive, eight-hour in-person event hosted in eight major cities around the country, including Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Boston. Every seminar attendee will receive a copy of “Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future” (a $30 value); and more than 1,000 slides, fully scripted, for your own use in either Keynote or PowerPoint format. Schedule and pricing to be announced in our Rarity community.

Fountain of Youth

As people live longer, the Fountain of Youth Ubertrend fuels a growing demand for physical, aesthetic and spiritual reinvention and rejuvenation. The anti-aging market is forecasted to reach $421 billion by 2030.

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“Michael’s research writing is data-based, intuitive and persuasive.”

Scott Cooke

Founder, Intuit

Generation X-tasy

“Moderation is a fatal thing,” Oscar Wilde wrote in 1893, “nothing succeeds like excess.” Were Wilde alive today, he would see plenty of evidence in the “experience economy” to support his pointed observation.

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“Ubertrends” is a new-age textbook full of remarkable insights into permanent changes in consumer behavior. It’s a visual splendor, too, with 273 images spanning 344 luxuriously printed pages.


The Unwired Ubertrend has created a culture that considers connectedness a fundamental human right. The power and freedom of wireless devices have also contributed to a “control enthusiast” phenomenon.

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Ubertrends Academy Slide Gallery

Here are just some of the types of slides you will receive by attending our free webinar, depending on final content.


The Rodney King beating was a major point of departure for the Voyeurgasm Ubertrend, which presages a future where just about everything will be captured on video by smartphones, action, surveillance or body cameras.

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Meet Innovation and Trends Speaker Michael Tchong

Michael is the author of “Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future,” entrepreneur, futurist and adjunct professor. Michael will provide his top-rated speaking content and analysis to help you become an expert at identifying trends and implementing innovation.

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Woman’s Acceptance Factor (WAF)

A growing list of trends points to the rising clout of women, an Ubertrend dubbed the “Woman’s Acceptance Factor” — a play on WAF — an online phenomenon that has men catering to women.

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