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“The Acceleration of Life”

Time Compression has bred a multitasking population that’s in love with instant gratification. It’s a world that treasures speedy, efficient services that are simple to understand, and that better manage their increasingly valuable disposable time.

Life Is a Blur

Life has become aBlur.And it’s still accelerating.

Everything is going faster these days. Life has become a blur, a trend magnified by an influx of technology that helps people do things quickly. The world now moves at internet speed due to arcane time compression technologies called codecs. In the eye of the storm lie even faster algorithms that will further accelerate life. Smartphones are helping fulfill an endless thirst for instant gratification. A telltale sign that immediate satisfaction is not quick enough is a popular expression, “I want it yesterday.” What was once a respectable response time is no longer acceptable. To save time, we multitask. To cope, we consume large amounts of coffee, energy drinks, and Xanax. The state of mind has become a state of time. And by the looks of things, we’re even accelerating evolution.

Acceleration ofEvolution

“In less than 15 years, a Florida bird, the snail kite, has evolved larger beaks and bodies to handle an invasive new species of snail.”

Acceleration ofTime

Watch Lucas Etter set a sub-five-second, 3×3 Rubik’s Cube world record.

The Need forInstant Gratification

“Google reports that searches for ‘open now’ have tripled in the past two years, while searches for ‘store hours’ dropped.”

SpeedIs Swallowing Slow

“High-frequency trading is responsible for nearly half of all trade executions.”

Time Compression SpursInnovation

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