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Meet Innovation and Trends Speaker Michael Tchong

Michael is author of “Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future,” entrepreneur, futurist and adjunct professor. Michael’s will provide his top-rated speaking content to help you become an expert at identifying trends and implementing innovation.

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A tsunami is coming. And the world is unprepared. Ubertrends Academy lets you dive into eight huge waves that are crashing into our future. It’s a data-based immersion into the fast-flowing currents of change caused by technology, evolving consumer expectations and disruptive innovations — the result of an intersection of eight Ubertrend forces that are transforming society in profound ways. Ubertrends Academy explores mind-bending insights into shifts in consumer and business behavior. In a world that urgently demands more innovation, it’s crucial to master the tidal wave of value changes engulfing society. Ubertrends Academy is designed and led by innovation and trend speaker Michael Tchong and is aimed a those who require innovation practices that are future-proof.

Here are eight Ubertrends shapeshifting our world:

Digital Lifestyle

Marriage of Man and Machine

The Digital Lifestyle has created a society so beholden to digital technology that it’s spending less on food, healthcare and travel to support its dependency.

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Attend our free one-hour virtual demo webinar to find out for yourself if this meets your needs. At the end of the free presentation, each attendee will receive a link to download the 150+ free slides shown during the webinar for their own use in either Keynote or PowerPoint format. All slides are fully scripted for immediate use in your own presentations. This webinar will be recorded and it can be replayed on demand. So, mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 5, 2022 and sign up today! Space is limited.

Time Compression

The Acceleration of Life

Our lives are going faster these days. Learn why and grasp the implications of the Time Compression Ubertrend, which continues to speed up life, and innovation cycles, due to technology.

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Ubertrends Academy Live

This fall, we will debut an immersive, eight-hour in-person event, hosted in eight major cities around the country, including Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Boston. Every seminar attendee will receive a copy of “Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future,” (a $30 value); more than 1,000 slides, fully scripted, shown during this live presentation for your own use in either Keynote or PowerPoint format. All slides are fully scripted and ready to be dropped into your own presentations. Price: $400. Schedule to be announced. Join our email list to be notified as we get closer to launch.

Fountain of Youth

Rejuvenating Body, Face and Mind

As people live longer, the Fountain of Youth stimulates demand for innovative rejuvenation solutions. It’s leading to a forever-young attitude that owes its existence to a youth-obsessed culture that tacitly ignores the old while readily flirting with the new.

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“Michael’s research writing is data-based, intuitive and persuasive.”

Scott Cooke

Founder, Intuit

Generation X-tasy

Been There, Done That

Oscar Wilde’s 1893 observation that “nothing succeeds like excess” has become par for the course. This experiential Ubertrend is the driving force behind a popular 1970s expression that says it all: “Been there, done that.”

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Ubertrends is a new-age textbook full of mind-bending insights into permanent changes in consumer behavior. It’s a visual splendor too, with 273 incisive images spanning 344 luxuriously printed pages.


Untethered and Unfettered

Whether sitting in a café on a Parisian boulevard or are lying on a Caribbean beach, the feeling one gets from being able to shop, search for information, or connect with friends and family, completely free from wires, is liberating. It almost feels like flying.

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Here are just some of the type of slides you will receive by attending our free demo and live sessions, depending on final content.


I Like to Watch

Voyeurgasm has led to a society obsessed with celebrities, reality shows, surveillance gear, large TVs, and other voyeuristic pursuits. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, the need to watch will usher in a transparent future where the innermost workings are revealed in ultra high definition.

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Ascent of Woman


WAF, the Woman’s Acceptance Factor Ubertrend, is leading to an increasingly female-centric society. It’s being driven by more highly educated women, female entrepreneurs and politicians, whose social media influence is helping to shape-shift the order of humanity.

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