How Trends and Innovation Are Transforming Our Future

A new innovation management book by motivational business speaker Michael Tchong brings 2020, and beyond, vision of the future through a multi-dimensional interpretation of today’s rapidly evolving culture.

A tsunami is coming. And the world is unprepared. Ubertrends lets you dive into eight huge waves that are crashing into the future. It’s a data-based study of the fast-flowing currents of change caused by technology, evolving consumer expectations and disruptive innovations — the result of an intersection of eight Ubertrend forces that are transforming society in profound ways. Ubertrends is a new-age textbook full of mind-bending insights into shifts in consumer behavior. In a world that urgently demands more innovation, it’s crucial to master the tidal wave of value changes engulfing society. Ubertrends was authored and designed by innovation speaker Michael Tchong for those who require innovation practices that are future-proof.

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Ubertrends— An Innovation Management Book

Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future is a highly visual and eye-opening exploration of eight massive waves that are reshaping humanity, amplified by the forces of innovation.

Unlike most books on creativity and innovation, Ubertrends offers a well-illustrated, and footnoted, roller-coaster ride through the landscape of now, examining eight turbulent waves that are permanently altering consumer behavior and the disruptive new business innovations propelled by these “Ubertrends.”

From the Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend (Marriage of Man and Machine) to WAF (Ascent of Woman), this innovation and entrepreneurship book documents the shifting tides caused by technology and lifestyle trends. In the final chapter, Ubertrends offers an incisive exploration of the ins and outs of both incremental and disruptive innovation.

Ubertrends is required reading for anyone captivated by the evolving values of life and business in this world, and the ensuing ripple waves of changing trends. It’s a book one should expect from premier business motivational speakers, particularly one of the top-rated caliber of Michael Tchong.

Ubertrends (hardbound; 344 pages; $29.95)

UbertrendsBook Reviews

“Loved it! 😍 As technology and culture undergo the largest transformation in history, Ubertrends helps us understand this trajectory and what’s to come.”

Stefan Kløvning

Stefan Kløvning

Reedsy Book Reviewer

“Everything you need/want to know about technological trends and innovation. Michael has packaged everything that is interesting in emerging and developing trends into one book with interesting facts and stories. This book is amazing!”

Roxanne Hernandez

Roxanne Hernandez

Director, International Diploma Programs, UC Berkeley Extension


“American author Katherine Anne Porter once wrote: ‘If you don’t aim for the stars you’ll never hit the bell tower.’ You aim for the stars, and I hear bells ringing all the time.”

Arynne Simon

Speechwriter, Personal Coach and Team Builder

UbertrendsContent Highlights

Ubertrends Innovation


Paints a detailed tableau of massive cultural waves responsible for major changes and value shifts in society.


Showcases how innovative brands leverage Ubertrends to alter the competitive landscape.


Explains disruptive role of technology and why it’s responsible for a majority of trends.


Provides an entirely new perspective on how humanity is evolving and the impact of Ubertrends and innovation on the future.

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UbertrendsFeatures and Benefits

Business Innovation Strategy Book Feature Benefit
Ubertrends-Book-8-1000x1000@72dpi Innovation Management Standardized leadership and innovation methodologies and practices in one volume
Entrepreneurship Combined innovation and entrepreneurship book with historical context
Creativity Showcase of management and product innovation strategy case studies
Technology Trends Technology is responsible for two-thirds of all trends and 95% of all innovations
Market Research Fully footnoted marketing research and consumer behavior book

What SetsUbertrends Apart

If you’re looking for an innovation book that offers tips on strategic management of technology and innovation, you literally have dozens of business innovation books to choose from.

Discerning how new technology and innovation are intertwined, however, requires an essential understanding of how Ubertrends shape-shift business and consumer values.

That calls for perceptive insights only a consumer behavior forecaster and technology trends author can provide.

Whether you’re searching for books on innovative thinking, or books on innovation in business, that can truly stretch the boundaries of your imagination, Ubertrends is a text book you should reach for.

Ubertrends (hardbound; 344 pages; $29.95)

UbertrendsTable of Contents

More Important Than Life
1,000 Songs in Your Pocket
Tech Addiction
My Lappy
Digital Enfant Terrible
Of Cases and Wheelies
FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
Information as Entertainment
Digital Natives
The Big Bang Theory
Compatible Cars
A New Social Dialog
Speak No More
Electronic Dance Music
Robot Love
Rise of the Machines
Service Robots
Domestic Robots
Industrial Robotics
The Future of Robotics
Videogame Therapy
Videogame Violence
Videogame Movies
Virtual Reality
Cyber Warfare
Gaming the System
Hacking the Grid
Security Finance Dissonance
Artificial Intelligence
Killer App: Health
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
A New Wave: ICOs
Blockchain Unleashed
Digital Lifestyle Timeline

Age Management
Troisième Age
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Caloric Restriction
Stem Cell Therapy
Yoga Culture
Stress Relief
Body Contouring
Body Shaping
Breast Augmentation
Tummy Tuck
Facial Rejuvenation
Facial Fillers
Laser Resurfacing
Medical Tourism
Environmental Sustainability

The Experience Economy
Experiential Entertainment
Nothing Succeeds Like Excess
Spring Break
Ultra Premium
Hot Peppers
India Style
Legalizing Former Taboos
Porno Chic
Party Like It’s 1999
Predicting the Future, Blade Runner Style

Instant Gratification
Jet Age
Institutionalizing Energy
I Want to Pump You Up!
Getting Your Wings
Acceleration Of Dance
Compression Formula
The Internet
Eye of the Storm
Speed Thrills
A New State Of Mind
No Time for Leisure
Last-Minute Culture
Blips of Imagery
Attention Deficit Disorder
Multi-media Tasking
Darwin On Steroids
Reaching New Heights
Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)
Time Compression Timeline

Untethered And Free
The Smartphone Revolution
There’s an App for That
Social Insurrection
Connected Home
GPS Tracking
Control Enthusiast
Pushbutton Society
Singles Nation

Casual Friday
The Global Uniform
Rude Behavior
Raging Against The Machine
Air Rage
Suicide Killer
Cyberbullies, Flames & Trolls
Future Of An Uncivilized World

The Beating Of Rodney King
Bystander Recordings
The Mirror
Ultra High Definition
Celebrity Worship Syndrome
Reality Television

Seneca Falls
Chief Financial Controller
Glass Ceiling
Pink Wave
Alpha Moms
Multitasking Females
No Testosterone
Mind The Gap
Unstacking the Deck
Social Media Influencers
Wonder Woman
WAF Timeline

An Upward Trajectory
A Pocketful of Innovation
Innovation Typology
Inspiring Transformation
Innovation Osmosis
Case Study Techniques
Success Tools
Innovation Culture
Practical Innovation Tools
The End Game


“Let me take you on a roller-coaster ride through the landscape of now.”

Voyeurgasm Ubertrend Begets “Celebrity Worship Syndrome”

Michael’s research writing is data-based, intuitive and persuasive.

— Scott Cooke, Founder, Intuit Tweet

The Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend renders brands obsolete faster than ever before.

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